Meat Slicers

The earliest meat slicers showed up in delis and butcher shops and to make them work, they had to be manually cranked. As time went on, improvements were made to cater to different demands. Modern electric meat slicers are a major improvement on the old-fashioned models, and provide the same smooth precision slicing. In fact, they are becoming standard in many home kitchens.

Types of Meat Slicers

Meat slicers are important additions to a busy kitchen and food gourmets and chefs rely on this piece of equipment instead of a knife to slice meats and cheeses to get the right texture for certain recipes. Meat slicers are categorized into two types, manual and electric. Both of these types provide the slicing finesse you have seen in the meals prepared in posh restaurants and those electric slicers you have seen at the butchery is your electric meat slicer, does it not make the butcher’s work faster and efficient?

Electric meat slicers are available for heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty uses. For the home the light duty slicers with a 9 inch blade can handle the slicing load for everyday use. These are easy to clean and maintain and come in compact sizes and some models have a built-in sharpener system add to your convenient maintenance of the slicer. If you prefer the manual slicer for home use, the one piece unit with a removable sharpener would provide you the same cutting edge quality.

Larger meat slicers are perfect for food industries and businesses involved in meat preparation. These slicers can be quite noisy while in operation but are versatile too; these can cut meats, cheeses, vegetables, breads and fruit, in desired thickness or thinness with relative ease and in less time.

Why You Should Have One

Food preparation for the holidays can be taxing with all those slicing, dicing and mincing tasks. The slicing job becomes easier with the use of the meat slicer whether it is manual or electric. It does not matter if you have a manual or an electrical slicer, but before you choose your slicer, observe how each works and gauge the convenience each provide for the busy cook.

Meat slicers are smart investments for the home or for the food preparation business. If the price of a brand new industrial slicer is beyond your budget, shop around for used meat cutters. Most of these used meat cutters are still in good working condition.

Top Brands

You can find top-of-the-line meat cutters such as American Harvest, Berkel, Chef’s Choice, Centaur, Deni Slicer, Eurodib, and lots more brands in the market. When choosing your meat slicer, check the blades. Meat slicers are classified by the size of their cutting blade. Take your pick – whether it is for business or for your home cooking you will do fine with the right choice.

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