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Bosch home appliances is one of the top names in the kitchen appliance industry. Their name is virtually synonymous with quality. This North Carolina company has only been around since 1997, but in that short time they have built a stellar reputation for quality. Their New Bern, North Carolina corporate headquarters is comprised of state of the art factories to build their complete home appliance line. In addition to small kitchen electrics, Bosch Home Appliances also manufacturers washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, ranges and cooktops. Bosch dischwashers earned the highest rank possible in recent JD Powers and associates home appliance customers satisfaction study.

Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine with Blender MUM6N11UC

The Bosch universal plus kitchen machine is truly a multi-tasking wonder. While a bit pricey at just under $500 this all purpose machine is capable of replacing most of your small kitchen appliances. The diverse group of attachments is what makes this machine so special.

Product Features 800 Watt motor

4 speeds with slower low-speed setting plus impulse

Easy to operate

6.5 qt mixing bowl

Scraper, Dough hook and double beater included

1.5 qt blender

Integrated cable storage
Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine Available Attachments
Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor

Bosch Universal Cookie Paddles

Bosch Cookie Paddles

Bosch Blender for Bosch Universal Plus

Bosch Stainless Steel Bowl For Universal Kitchen Machine

Bosch Universal Slicer Shredder Attachment

Bosch Food Processor with Slicing Shreding and Grating

Bosch Ice Cream Maker for Kitchen Machines

Bosch Universal Citrus Juicer

Bosch Plastic Blender

Bosch Stainless Steel Bowl with Dough Hook

Bosch Meat Grinder with 4.5 mm Perforated Disk

Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine Reviews

Karen, Oklahoma

“My wife convinced me to get a Bosch because she spends more time in the kitchen than I do and blah blah blah. I come from a Kitchen-Aid family and she comes from a Bosch family. We have now had a bosch for 7 years and I totally miss the kitchen-aid. The blender is decent and the truth is that the mixer is mostly a great product (for baking cookies, or a meringue) but I like to bake bread and Pizza and the Bosch just doesn’t hold up to the weight of the dough. The whole unit is so light that it moves around on the counter (A LOT) while mixing dough and I have to stand there and use all my strength to try and keep it from moving around. The Kitchen-Aid may not have the blender but it is superior in every way when it comes to the mixer. M. Ramey, North Carolina

“This mixer is powerful. You have the main unit where you attach your bowl, and a secondary unit where you can attach a blender.

There are many, many accessories you can buy for this unit. Be sure if you buy accessories you buy for the correct unit as accessories for this model are NOT interchangeable with Bosch’s previous all-in-one machine! I’ve already had to return one attachment because I made this mistake. Look for accessories that have a model number starting with MUZ6!

This machine tears up just about any food you throw at it. When you turn it on you can get the feel for the full 800 watts of power it is capable of by it’s roaring sound. You may need to run to your circuit breakers to find a suitable plug for the unit, since 800watts is just about the limit most circuit breakers can take. It’s doubtful you can run this unit along with another kitchen appliance at the same time in the same receptacle.

Cleanup is not fun, not fun at all. I did not like the design of the bowl in this aspect. There are plenty of crooks and crevices that dough gets in that take some scrubbing to get out. Also, the top/center of the bowl serves as the “gears” for some of your accessories, but when not using them, they catch quite a bit of food in them, and it is difficult to clean.

While on the subject of the bowl, other than cleanup, it’s an awesome design. There is a removable splash guard around the rim that allows you to add flour to a recipe, while the unit is running without making a mess. You also have another lid that fits into the splash guard for the bowl to cover it should you need to rise dough.

My unit came with the blender, so I’ll review it here as well. The blender is wonderful too. I can actually grind my own wheat in it for pancakes and cleanup is a snap. Also the design of the blades is ingenious as one blade is actually pointed downward toward the base to clear shop where most blenders don’t touch. One problem I did have was with the blades and how they attach to the blender. They are removable, but when you put them back you need to really make sure that you tighten it well. If they are not tight enough, your blended battery goo will fall down into the crevices of the machine, which could possibly damage it. There are unfortunately small holes where this could easily occur. Unfortunately when you tighten the blades down, it’s really difficult to get them untightened (Believe me, I’m a man, it’s hard!). I end up having to get a pair of pliers and using them backwards (grip handles on the device) to get the blades out.

Hands down, this is a great unit, and Bosch has a known reputation of creating kitchen units that last for years, even decades! I would definitely recommend this one to anyone serious about cooking in their home! T. Funk, Canada

“I bought this from Denise at What a dream this machine has been. Clean up is a tad bit more then what I was looking for, but hands down, I would never ever get another mixer. It can handle whatever I throw at it. 4 loaves at a time of bread, no sweat. Double Batch of shortbread cookies, not a problem. I love this machine!! I have most of the attachments and I love each. I plan on getting the rest of the attachments. you will not be sorry!!! ”

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