Jerky Slicer

What is a Jerky Slicer?

This is the question I asked myself when first researching this item! Well it turns out a Jerky Slicer is a pretty neat piece of machinery. Homemade jerky is an upcoming health trend. I’m not talking about the fatty, salty truck-stop jerky, but the homemade healthy kind. The web is flooded with tasty and healthy recipes for jerky chicken jerky, turkey jerky and even venison jerky. Jerky has even gone upscale with recipes for Chipotle Turkey Jerkey and Ginger Seasame Chicken Jerkey.

A Jerky Slicer is a machine that makes slicing jerky strips fast and easy. The typical jerky slicer looks similar to a table top meat grinder. Fresh meat is fed into the feeder opening, you crank the handle and out comes thin, evenly sliced pieces of meat ready for the next step in the jerky process. Imagine the time and hassel it would be to individually slice every piece of meat for jerky. I know for sure that my slices would be neither thin nor even, and I deffinately would not be making jerky at home often.
There are several brands of jerky slicers available and they range in price from $50 to $175 for top of the line models. If you are not ready to commit to a full stand alone jerky slicer there are a few other alternatives. Several food and meat grinders have attachments specifically designed to slice jerky. For example Pragaotrade USA has a specific attackment for it’s all purpose Electric Grinder just to slice jerky.

After reading all those gourmet jerky recipes I just may have to give jerky making a try!

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